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Why this course?


Module 1: Operation, Service & Maintainance

This Module will help the learners to gain knowledge on vital industrial concepts related to motors, transformers, etc. Engineers are responsible for preventative, predictive and corrective maintenance of the equipment for the smooth operation of the plant.

Module 2: IIOT
The industrial internet of things (IIOT) is one of the trending technology in the digital revolution era. It is an industrial framework with a large number of devices or machines, which are connected and synchronized through the use of software tools and third platform technologies in a machine-to-machine and Internet of Things context, later known as Industry 4.0. In this course program, learners will be introduced to the concepts of IIOT, its applications across industries & other challenges. Engineers can learn about various types of interfacing protocols and Digitization concepts which is widely used across organisations. This course will help you to grasp concepts with Industry concepts examples and various case studies.

Module 3: Industrial Automation

Automation plays an increasingly important role in the day to day operations of the industries. With the help of Industrial Automation tools like PLC & SCADA, we can control the industrial machinery and processes. It helps in reducing the need for human intervention in the defined process. This course will help the learners to know about the process technologies, and get trained on the execution model of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). This program will enable the learners to know about the automation techniques currently adopted by the industries.

Module 4: Electrical Design

Ever wondered, how and what subjects we studied in Engineering are going to help us frame a brilliant and luxurious career, more precisely as a designer? Ranging from small electrical devices to large electrical equipment to gigantic electrical systems are designed by electrical engineers but the nature and purpose of each unit require various specialisations. Here in the following chapters, we can find available career options, skills required and basic knowledge as an Electrical designer that can help us explore and analyse our interests and let us decide on a lifetime career option.

Package Contents

Certification Course on Electrical Operations, Maintenance & Service
Mr. Pratik Panigrahi
Industrial Internet of Things
Mr. Manish Patnaik
Electrical Automation
Mr. Ramakrishna M. Panda
Power Transmission & Distribution
Mr. Hemant Singh
Electrical Designing Basics
Ms. Salini Mund
Electrical Instrumentation Basics
Mr. Sangram Mahapatra
Job-Guarantee Preparation Package
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