Job Guarantee Course for Chemical Engineer

Job Guarantee Course for Chemical Engineer

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Why this course?


Course overview:

• Learn about industrial aspects of chemical engineering

• Learn how chemical engineers contribute to various departments of a manufacturing industry

• Learn the operational flow of multiple departments in a chemical industry

• Learn about the commonly used industrial equipment in an industry

• Learn about the safety practices that are used in a hazardous environment

• Learn about basic manufacturing processes used in the chemical industry


This course will sensitise the chemical engineering students to know about the industry standards followed globally in a manufacturing organisation. Chemical operations & processes that are used in industries are strictly followed as per the design of the manufacturing plants. Chemical engineers play a crucial role to process raw materials to produce intermediate products as well as daily usable final products. Engineers work in departments like manufacturing, quality check, quality assurance, procurement, safety, and utility to contribute to a larger manufacturing plant. This course will help the learners aware of the safety standards followed by the industries. Tools like material safety data sheets, work permit systems, fire safety, and personal protective equipment are explained very effectively in this course curriculum. These tools & techniques help to maintain a safe working environment for the employees. Safety is always a priority for all chemical engineers. This course also covers all the safety policies, procedures and practices designed to minimise the risk of hazardous chemicals. Chemical engineers design, install & use various equipment to produce final products from raw materials. This course will help the learners to learn about the design & working procedures of some equipment used in manufacturing industries. Reactors, distillation columns, and driers are commonly used equipment in any chemical manufacturing industry. This course can help the learners to gather sufficient information about the commonly used equipment. Manufacturing industries strictly follow documentation procedures that are designed for the process. In this course, the industry expert explained some critical documents like Batch manufacturing records & equipment logbooks used in industries. Pollution control through effluent treatment is a mandatory activity in each & every industry. This course includes sufficient information about the effluent treatment plant operating procedures. There are government departments that monitor the emissions percentage of the industries. Higher emissions can lead to the closure of a particular plant. Chemical engineers make sure the emission is under the limit. This course will also help the learners to know the complete product cycle of a new product. Chemical engineers help organisations to develop new products against the market demand.

Who should take this course?

•Students pursuing chemical engineering (Diploma,,

•Chemical graduates appearing for interviews

Career opportunities:

This course will open doors to all the chemical manufacturing industries for aspiring engineers. The industrial information included in this course will definitely help all the chemical engineers ace the technical interviews. This course includes necessary information & working procedures of the pharmaceutical industries as well. Learners can target top chemical as well as pharmaceutical MNCs after completing this course.

Package Contents

Chemical Industry-ready Certification
Soumya Ranjan Sahoo
Job-Guarantee Preparation Package
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