Job Guarantee Course for Mechanical Engineer

Job Guarantee Course for Mechanical Engineer

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Why this course?


Module 1: Food Manufacturing
This Module will help learners to get a better understanding of the daily work responsibilities of a mechanical engineer in the food industry. Mechanical engineers are responsible for researching, designing, developing, building & testing products & processes in any kind of industry. This course will help the learners to provide necessary information about the manufacturing operation as well as maintenance practices commonly used in manufacturing industries. 

Module 2: Automobile

The Module is aimed at providing a solid background in Automotive Engineering so that learners can enhance their knowledge of the topic and gain confidence in their own skills. The course is about combining Engineering and Technical skills for overall improved know-how of Cars. Automotive testing is a lucrative career option for mechanical as well as automotive engineers. All the testing concepts are included in this program. Learners will also get to know about the automotive crash phenomenon in this course.

Module 3: HVAC

HVAC is a widely-used concept in the real estate industry, and this is reasonable as most building designs must include heating and ventilation requirements. It also has significant use cases in other industries like pharmaceuticals etc. This course will sensitise the learners about the Heat ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) concepts, its types & use cases in the industries.

Module 4: Plumbing & Fire Fighting
In any building construction, piping systems are designed to serve the primary purposes with this course learners can know the accurate use and exact purpose.
Just like the strength of a building’s structure, there is equal importance for  proper ventilation, electrical system and plumbing which adds up to MEP.
Engineers work on MEP designs which play a huge role in the life and safety of a building.

Package Contents

Food Manufacturing & Processing Engineering
Mr. Anjani Kumar
Advanced Course on Thermal Power Plant
Dr. Arangarajan Vinayagam
Advanced Course on Automobile Engineering
Mr. Aman Raj
Basics of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Mr. Asgaruddin Ahmad
MEP: Fire Fighting System
Mr. Telip Kumar Pradhan
MEP: Plumbing System Basics
Mr. Telip Kumar Pradhan
Job-Guarantee Preparation Package
NinthSem Placements

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